Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mercury Glass Lamp DIY After

Now I have to preface this post, I like the mercury glass that has some two tones and holes here and there. So I used both silver paints from Krylon. I used the Metallic Brilliant silver and the Looking Glass Mirror like paint. I also had to do the outside not the inside because of the shape of the lamp.
  • Step one: clean the lamp and cover all electrical parts.
  • Step two: spray the Brilliant silver in spots around the lamp not the whole thing, just 4-5 areas 3 inches wide. When I got too much in an area I used the citrus paint remover and took it back in areas. Then rinsed with a hose.(do all spraying outside if possible)
  • Step Three: spritz some water from a sprayer in the areas you want to paint with the Looking glass paint, don't spritz too lightly. Get enough blobs of water and only do a 3 inch area at a time.
  • Step Four: in short bursts spray over them with the Looking glass paint then blow on it to dry with your mouth.
  • Step Five: use a paper towel to remove the water bubbles and flatten the paint as soon as it's dry which is after you stop blowing. If the bubbles are left you don't get the same affect.
  • Step Six: repeat for the rest of the lamp. Don't seal the application is pretty strong and won't scratch easily.
So here is the finished lamp, I'm still working on the shade.

I really like how it turned out and would recommend getting a cheap glass vase at a thrift store to practice on first. Just do a couple areas and then go to the lamp. I also think most people might like just the Looking glass paint instead of both. I used a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby for the paint.