Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Direction

I've started to contemplate all the things I love and don't love about my life. I'm heading into my (gasp) forties this year and  I can't believe so much time has flown by. I was so busy running through my life I didn't take much time to really enjoy the daily things of living life. So this is the start of a new year and direction in my life I'm searching out more JOY!

 I have a small son , he's 22 months old and such a blessing. I've been taking more time when I put him down for a nap to hold and cuddle him before I put him to sleep. Then today I layed down in the bed in his room till he fell asleep and just enjoyed the music I turned on for him and listening to him sleep. The laundry will still be there when I'm ready for it but, I need to search out and enjoy the little things. Before I was always in a rush to get him down so I could run around the house and do chores, I think I've finally killed that sense of urgency to have everything perfect.

Another new direction I am taking is what I cook. I'm going to use up a lot of what we have in the kitchen then I need to cook healthier and more veggies. I've started to read that Eat-Clean Diet and the Maker's Diet books. I do pretty well with not having refined products in the house but we will still have the occasional boxed product and way more carbs than we need. So now I'm focusing on veggies, at least 1/2 our plates or more are going to be veggies. I know a lot of people think that there is only so much you can do with a veggie but I used to eat so much better and feel so much better. Here's to embracing the veggie! I have started making these green drinks at least once a day for all of us. The drinks have broccoli stems, kale, romaine, wheat grass, cucumber, ginger, spinach, two apples and some carrots. I know what you're thinking but they aren't that bad and we get such a boost of energy. I've filmed my son drinking them because it is funny. As soon as he sees it he starts to whine for it. I give him a straw and he sucks about a cup of it down. When you get to the end it's a little more like chewing it. I just add more water to his and he sucks the rest down. AMAZING HUH! The hilarious thing is because my son does it so easily my husband won't complain about it at all. HA!

So my goals for the year is: more joy, healthier eating, creating more art and taking more time to enjoy life!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blue Bird Love

 I love birds and what they symbolize.  I started several canvas's for more mixed media pieces. I love the textures and colors of this one. I'm starting to use new products like joint tape and heavy gel medium. I used to worry so much about what I would use because of the cost of supplies and I didn't want to have something turn out bad and waste all of the materials. It's taken me a long time to get over that thought process. One day  a girl I watched online gave a talk about some products,  art and her process, she kept saying something about getting over the "preciousness" of what we use. Then it just clicked for me to stop hoarding supplies and start using them. It's been a freeing experience! I've created more in the last year then ever before. My next project is a nest. I know it sounds a little wierd but I saw one once and loved it. I really enjoy the freeing experience of doing mixed media and not being so concerned about fine detail work. I would get so nervous trying to get everything so perfect I didn't get lost in the art and just feel the joy of doing it. Anyway I think I'll live with this for awhile then put it on my etsy site (or maybe just copies of it) ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year to Create

Wow, the rest of the year just flew by. Before I knew it Christmas had come and gone and I hadn't posted for months. My son has been keeping me going and I started and finished a business class. I'm looking forward to starting my own business on-line besides the etsy shop and doing more jewelry and mixed media. I've temporarily set up a painting station in the middle of my kitchen. It sounds weird I know but it's the only room I can gate off from my son and still be able to watch him. Plus I have this huge counter top height table in the center where I can paint etc. I know I need to write more it is very therapeutic for me. Everything had just started culminating all at once and this was one of the extras that got booted for awhile.

I just picked up the latest "Artful Blogging" magazine and am so inspired by the beautiful blogs. I highly recommend the magazine if you've never read it. I have to say this is the first magazine I have read from start to finish every word. Usually I just read a couple articles here and there in other ones and focus on the pictures. My 22  month old son helped in the reading,  I would lay him down for a nap and read it out loud to him till he fell asleep.

I made several handmade gifts this year for presents and devoted a lot of time to the season so I haven't created much to sell. I did find a sorry little bunny that I painted. Here's the before and after.

I just love how she turned out with the hard candy crackle finish and pretty collar. I have a thing for bunnies so I pretty much think I'm keeping her.
 I have completed a painting but most of my time has been on the computer looking for found objects and vintage jewelry to repurpose. I've become a rhinestone addict. Not very many people still wear brooches or rhinestone but I love the repurposing of them into new necklaces etc. The Rosa and Josies blog has really gotten my creative juices going again too,  such lovely rhinestone creations. I'll be posting my new creations soon.