Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blue Bird Love

 I love birds and what they symbolize.  I started several canvas's for more mixed media pieces. I love the textures and colors of this one. I'm starting to use new products like joint tape and heavy gel medium. I used to worry so much about what I would use because of the cost of supplies and I didn't want to have something turn out bad and waste all of the materials. It's taken me a long time to get over that thought process. One day  a girl I watched online gave a talk about some products,  art and her process, she kept saying something about getting over the "preciousness" of what we use. Then it just clicked for me to stop hoarding supplies and start using them. It's been a freeing experience! I've created more in the last year then ever before. My next project is a nest. I know it sounds a little wierd but I saw one once and loved it. I really enjoy the freeing experience of doing mixed media and not being so concerned about fine detail work. I would get so nervous trying to get everything so perfect I didn't get lost in the art and just feel the joy of doing it. Anyway I think I'll live with this for awhile then put it on my etsy site (or maybe just copies of it) ;)


  1. Hello Leslie, wow did this painting and this little bluebird touch me. I absolutely love it, and the heart, the heart is like an inspiration, like a little beacon for the bird, pointing in the right direction. The direction we all should go, towards love. Very very good. and yes honey, the good is for today, use your stuff, enjoy your stuff, wow, have I learned that one. Thank you for visiting me. wgd

  2. This is a sweet painting, I love it!

  3. Your painting is lovely. I too love birds.

    I tried to find a link to your etsy from your blog but was unsuccessful.