Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here's another cuff bracelet I've made from re-purposed materials. This fabric is so bright and beautiful. The piece has embroidery, glass beading, vintage laces. I made the rose from a hot pink shirt I found at the thrift store. I love the texture of the rose. This is to be worn loosely on the wrist. There is batting between the two layers of fabric to give it more structure. I left the lace for the closure a little long for a nice bow or hanging. The width is 2 in thick which is around the size I've been working with and about 7 1/2 inches in length. I did just complete a romantic goth cuff that I'll be posting soon and that one is much wider. I got the inspiration for these cuffs in the Sew Somerset Magazine Dec/Jan/Feb 2010 edition. The article talked about a workshop the author attended from an artist Sally Casper. One of the pictures showed  a vintage, rhinestone jewelry piece that was re-purposed for the cuff and some vintage lace on a pale blue remnant of fabric. The article was by Norma Kooi, she had several pictures of cuffs in different designs. I've enjoyed working on these they can be completed in an hour or so and really help the creative process for other works of art. I have found if I don't try and create something regularly I have a difficult time trying to accomplish anything. I do have this item for sell in my etsy shop listed above. Have a great day! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Textile Collage

This is a textile collage I created from re-purposed fabrics like clothes etc. I used a broad cloth for the substructure and built upon that. The fabric on the right is upholstery sample fabric from a garage sale. I was able to purchase several boxes for a couple dollars from a lady that was getting rid of old hobby stuff. I have a huge box of wool yarn I haven't found projects for yet. Most of what I create with is from thrift stores and garage sales. I found a package of wooden beads with only certain letters and was able to use some for this piece. The picture is from a collage pack I bought 8 years ago. I love the velvet leaves,  I found those on a dealer's site on etsy. I have just realized recently a lot of people have no idea what etsy is. This site is like ebay but for artist and crafters. People also sell vintage items and supplies for creating art etc. This is a wonderful site for inspiration. Sometimes I go to the buy section and click the button for "pounce". Pounce is for seeing something that is newly sold which is helpful to see what is selling. I "favorite" several shops and try to see what they're selling new.  My shop is http://www.repurposedbeauty.etsy.com/ and from my site you can see what shops I like and items I'm selling. I always keep an eye out for vintage lace.  I love these collages so much. I just started working on them after seeing examples in Somerset. I'll be showing another one soon, I'm thinking about changing it a bit before showing it. Most of the piece here is embroidered with some gluing here and there. A section of an old torn table cloth has been tea dyed and applied on the right side. Hand painted vintage buttons are in a handmade nest on the left. This collage kind of goes into the mixed media, assemblage area of creating which I find fascinating.  I am amazed at assemblage artist sometimes and how they re-purpose items. I laugh because my husband doesn't quite get the assemblage aspect of art but he is very supportive. Hope those that see this are inspired. Let me know what you think.

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Wrist Cuff Bracelets

I am loving these wrist cuff bracelets. Last year when I was doing my garage sale thing I found a ton of fabrics in clothing and unused upholstery fabric swatches. Now I have found a way to use some of these and create some beautiful works of wearable art. I am using some jewelry findings that are new on some of these if I can't find something I like to add otherwise. I have starting seeing these in the celebrity circles even on the men, but they are really basic and plain. I love the more vintage, romantic feel of jewelry. I'll be continuing to make more and list them on my etsy site. http://www.repurposingbeauty.etsy.com/  I have been thinking about some kits also but haven't taken that too far yet. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romantic Wrist Cuff Bracelets

I love to work with re-purposing items. The hot term is upcycling. I have recently found a love of fabric collage and making wrist cuff bracelets. I search thrift stores etc. for fabrics to reuse. I like the idea of wearable art being able to wear a piece and have people express how much they love it.  Telling someone that you made what they admire and that they can have one of there own is so much fun. The experience is very validating. As an artist sometimes you wonder to yourself if what you make will be liked by others. I spent countless years never even showing my work for fear people wouldn't like it. I have a new outlook now. I try to spend a lot more time on my art and being creative in life. I've made several of these cuffs and am looking forward to making more. Hope you enjoy them.

A New Day

I feel the need to share and I hope there will be people out there interested. I've never blogged before so pardon my grammar. My mind tends to go faster than my fingers. I became interested in blogging because I LOVE to learn new things and I research on the web constantly. So hopefully I can help some people learn some new things and be inspired. Now a little background: I used to be a Dental Hygienist but decide to stay home with my son when I got pregnant last year. I find the experience wonderful although sometimes BORING. I am a creative person but at many times find myself unmotivated. I call myself an artist and have been since I was a child. Okay sometimes I lean closer to a crafter but in my mind they're almost the same. What was once a crafter is now an artist through mixed media etc. Artist use to be thought of as just painters or sculptors but that idea has expanded greatly. There are so many talented people out there and so many ways to create art that many people don't know about so hopefully I will enlighten some and they can enlighten me. I will also blog about food because that can be so creative and I'm sad to say a lot of people I know can't cook. I was raised with multicultural foods that a lot of people experience now with restaurant food but don't know how to cookat home. I didn't get alot of bland food at home thank goodness and my family didn't cook a lot of traditional italian but the basics I have down. I cook many things now that I never grew up eating but, I find myself getting trapped in several basic dishes so hopefully with the blogging I will be inspired to new meals.

Next, I may at times go on and on about weight loss and exercise. I find that if I keep my focus on those two things they might just happen. I will of course try not to bore you. If you haven't noticed I will be writing as though I am speaking right to you I hope it doesn't annoy!

By and by the dog in the photo is my Fraiser one of three Shih Tzu's that we are priviledged to have. If anyone wants a fantastic dog get a Shih Tzu but please pronounce it correctly (sheed zoo). Everyone thinks it's shit-zu. My three are great with my son even if he's a little rough.

My next post will be later tonight because I want to post about my newest craze fabric wrist cuff bracelets. I know a lot of people don't know what they are but they are getting hot!!!