Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romantic Wrist Cuff Bracelets

I love to work with re-purposing items. The hot term is upcycling. I have recently found a love of fabric collage and making wrist cuff bracelets. I search thrift stores etc. for fabrics to reuse. I like the idea of wearable art being able to wear a piece and have people express how much they love it.  Telling someone that you made what they admire and that they can have one of there own is so much fun. The experience is very validating. As an artist sometimes you wonder to yourself if what you make will be liked by others. I spent countless years never even showing my work for fear people wouldn't like it. I have a new outlook now. I try to spend a lot more time on my art and being creative in life. I've made several of these cuffs and am looking forward to making more. Hope you enjoy them.

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