Saturday, April 10, 2010

Textile Collage

This is a textile collage I created from re-purposed fabrics like clothes etc. I used a broad cloth for the substructure and built upon that. The fabric on the right is upholstery sample fabric from a garage sale. I was able to purchase several boxes for a couple dollars from a lady that was getting rid of old hobby stuff. I have a huge box of wool yarn I haven't found projects for yet. Most of what I create with is from thrift stores and garage sales. I found a package of wooden beads with only certain letters and was able to use some for this piece. The picture is from a collage pack I bought 8 years ago. I love the velvet leaves,  I found those on a dealer's site on etsy. I have just realized recently a lot of people have no idea what etsy is. This site is like ebay but for artist and crafters. People also sell vintage items and supplies for creating art etc. This is a wonderful site for inspiration. Sometimes I go to the buy section and click the button for "pounce". Pounce is for seeing something that is newly sold which is helpful to see what is selling. I "favorite" several shops and try to see what they're selling new.  My shop is and from my site you can see what shops I like and items I'm selling. I always keep an eye out for vintage lace.  I love these collages so much. I just started working on them after seeing examples in Somerset. I'll be showing another one soon, I'm thinking about changing it a bit before showing it. Most of the piece here is embroidered with some gluing here and there. A section of an old torn table cloth has been tea dyed and applied on the right side. Hand painted vintage buttons are in a handmade nest on the left. This collage kind of goes into the mixed media, assemblage area of creating which I find fascinating.  I am amazed at assemblage artist sometimes and how they re-purpose items. I laugh because my husband doesn't quite get the assemblage aspect of art but he is very supportive. Hope those that see this are inspired. Let me know what you think.

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