Monday, July 26, 2010

Recycled Art

This has been a crazy two weeks I found out about a Recycled Art Exhibit in Alamosa Colorado about three weeks ago and decided to enter a couple pieces. Because I have never been to this show before I really was worried about what to create. This show is usually only open for people in Alamosa to enter pieces too so I was so excited to be able to enter two pieces. So in order to enter pieces you have to send digital photos before they are due and the "jury" decides if they are accepted into the exhibit. Each person can enter 3 pieces and they will let you know if they are selected. Well, the deadline was just two weeks away and I had no idea what I wanted to do also the pieces had to be 90 percent recycled material. The picture on the front of the postcard I found advertising the exhibit was of some plastic bags weaved together as a wall hanging. Nothing against that type of art but that is just not me. I love assemblage and altered art and decided to do two wall hangings and one drawer which I had never attempted before. The first one here is a cupboard door re-purposed as a background canvas for the piece. I has found some horseshoe nails (I believe) at a re-store shop and loved the look of them and wanted to use them for a project and this is what took shape above. I also added a vintage padlock on the bottom of the heart not shown because I found it on the way to the exhibit at an antique store. This one was accepted and is to be on display all of August.

This piece was also accepted for the exhibit. I had a lot of fun making these pieces I haven't worked on larger creations for awhile everything has been jewelry and smaller fabric collages. The funny thing is I've been harboring most of the materials I used in this project for awhile. I hate to throw things out and am trying to reconcile being a pack rat with trying to keep the house decluttered enough to be able to sit down and eat and watch t.v. You may laugh but sometimes and especially last week we almost didn't have a place to sit. I used to have a plaque that says "Creative people are seldom tidy." I thought it was funny and made for me but I have seen some other artists homes and studios and have heard some stories and I think it's true for creative people. Try as I might but by the end of the week the house looks like a bomb has gone off and with
a 16mo old that isn't exactly a good thing.
Anyway this was also done on a cupboard door sanded a little but mostly left as it was and things glued to it. If you can make it out it says "2 Grow and Learn is Key" with all the elements and words.

The next project I did wasn't accepted ;( I think it was because it was too girly! which I thought was funny. Who cares if a couple people on the jury didn't like it as much but if it sells and they get their commission why should they care if it doesn't meet their taste. My dear husband was very upset that someone didn't want my work. He doesn't really understand my altered art and assemblage sometimes but he didn't understand why they would not accept it. I do love the man!!! He doesn't get my mad and sometimes crazy need to create all the time but he supports me and puts up with the mess (most of the time). Occasionally I agree with him it does get old having a wiped out house. Our solution... we are gonna move! Hopefully we can get a large house and turn a basement into a studio for me :) ! I have been dreaming about a studio for years.
Anyway here's the pic of the third piece. After the exhibit is over if they don't sell I'm listing them on my etsy site for sell. Right now I am living with the "Soar" piece before I can part with it. I tend to be a girly girl even if I don't really dress like one.

On the next post I'll be showing some jewelry that I've started to created from vintage pieces that are re-purposed. Cia

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  1. Your art is beautiful! I do love mixed media too!
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