Thursday, February 17, 2011

Repurposed Necklaces and OWOH New Friends

I just want to say thank you to all of the new followers and everyone who came to visit after I left a comment on their blogs. I went around on that Wonderful OWOH blog hop and had so much fun seeing everyones blogs. I think I have over a hundred new blogs to follow now, I just couldn't help myself. I'm sad this is the last year though. I didn't know about it till 5 days ago and have been to 400+ blogs for visits. I'm going to try and complete the list even though it is officially over. What a blast! I am so excited by my new followers and hope I never bore you and your just on the tip of your seat waiting for my next post. I will warn though my grammar stinks and sometimes things seem so funny to me and fail to translate .

Anyway I realized I had failed to post two newer necklaces I made and wanted to do a little show and tell.
This is a vintage pendant  that I put on an assemblage necklace. The brass curb chain is textured and so beautiful then I added some vintage book chain and glass pearls with rhinestones. I've listed this one in my etsy store. hopefully this link works someone told me they had a hard time with the other link. This next necklace is a repurposed brooch into a pendant on some more book chain and a vintage Napier necklace. The pendant is much more beautiful in person.
Sorry it's a little blurry. I went to a couple thrift stores today to search out some new jewelry to repurpose. I thought I would also post a little picture of a project I did of my son Brayden and dog Frasier.

I made these for my husband's 90 year old grandpa because what do you get someone turning 90. He adores them, I also made a set for us and my DH dad. I just love them every time I walk by them they make me smile.
Then lastly, if anyone has any suggestions to improve my blog let me know. I started this almost a year ago but haven't done much with it and need to figure out the buttons and badges well maybe I don't need any stinking badges LOL. I hope you get that! Bye


  1. Hi Leslie: I'm so glad you visited my blog on the OWOH trip this year.... it's wonderful to meet you! You'll notice I am your latest follower.... I adore your repurposed pieces! Isn't repurposing old jewels the most wonderful way of recycling! You can tell I'm excited by it - I guess the excitement starts at flea markets and stores with the original finds of old stuff to breathe life into! I will visit often to see your creations... they are stunning.
    hugs and blessings from Australia,

  2. Oh, about the OWOH .... next year, Lisa is creating a new event, so if you pop over to her blog you'll find a link there to a 2012 event, pop on the mailing list and join in... it's awesome!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    I'm happy to announce that you've won one of my pairs of paper clip earrings. Please drop me a line saying what colours and patterns you would like.




  4. I was just going to say about next years event but Pauline beat me to it :P

    LOve the project with your son. I did one with my youngest and Lola here which she loves as she is a big fan.

    If you need any help with your blog just give me a shout - I'm always tinkering with mine ;)

  5. Hi Leslie,

    Love everything, but the paper art of your son and dog are soooo cute. Thank you for the lovely comment about my bunny ornament. I got several scrap bunny heads on ebay for really cheap! If you can't find any, email me with your address and I'll send you a couple. Not sure I have anymore of the clown ones, but they're all cute! ~mary helen

  6. Hello Leslie,
    this is Judith from OWOH will you please contact me for your doorprize!

  7. Love your necklaces! You had stopped by my blog and asked about the twisted links in a necklace I had made. I actually found them by accident on Ebay. I'm sorry, I no longer have that transaction, or I could give you the name of the seller. If I come across them again, I'll drop by with a link. Have a great Saturday!

  8. Those necklaces are so pretty...and the little art project of your son and his dog made me smile:)
    Have a great weekend!