Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yea! Spring is Here

I just love spring and planting a garden, being outside and just taking time to enjoy life. I love being outside and putzing around the yard and planting herbs and veggies. Every year I go a little overboard on the garden and get exhausted with it by the middle of summer. This year I'm trying to plan less and relax more. I will plant all the herbs I can because I just love them, but I'm gonna cut the veggies in half. I love to grow giant pumpkins and since my little one will really be able to enjoy them this year I am already excited about Halloween. My last giant pumpkin only got to 70+ lbs but it was so fun watching it grow. We went to a little Harvest festival last year and took pictures of the massive pumpkins people grow for competition.

The picture on the left is my Dh and son. I have always wondered why people don't set the pumpkins upright when they start to get bigger so you don't get the flat side.
We put up lights in the backyard last summer and I'm really looking forward to sitting outside at night and drinking a glass of red wine. I'm planting herbs in most of the 15 or so pots around the covered patio. I plant several of the same herbs so I have enough for constant use and also start them at different times so when some are spent the others are just starting to come on for use. I usually start my garden by the end of March. I know people always say to wait but,  traditionally that is the real reason we have spring break for kids so they could get time off to help parents plant the farm. My onions are already coming up and the garlic, shallots and green onions that I left in the ground from last year. My rhubarb is just starting and the peach and apple trees are blooming. My grapes still look dead but I'm watering to get them going. I'm so excited for the season. 

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