Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keith Lo Bue Workshop

I am so excited to be able to go this week end to a Keith Lo Bue workshop in Ft. Collins. If you don't know who he is google him NOW! He makes amazing found object jewelry and assemblage. I just got my Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and he is featured on the front, which I will be taking for him to sign. I am only able to take a one day course but I can't wait. I should've booked the whole weekend but couldn't afford it and am now regretting not putting it on the credit card. I love the work he does and find it so interesting. When I show it to my DH he just stares and says "that's nice" he cracks me up! He doesn't want to say he doesn't like something I do so I get a lot of "that's nice honey". I like a wide range of art and his views are a lot more narrow. He's fully supportive and that is what matters. So if I make something worth showing and it's not too embarrassing I'll post it. I've started the search for found objects to bring with me and I still need to go through several boxes in the garage. I didn't start earlier because I know how I am. I would of started searching thrift stores and junk stores for elements and ended up with a suitcase to bring so I waited. But now I feel uncontrollable excitement and my bodies almost vibrating with the need to start the hunt. I'm one of those people that pick stuff up off the ground in parking lots and when I'm walking. I have a ashtray in my car full of acorn tops. I used to think I was weird but realize after reading blogs etc. I am not the only one. ;P

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