Thursday, May 26, 2011


I can't get myself motivated today! I feel like Charlie Brown bummed out and feeling like life is beating me up.

I did sit down and order some nice new tools I needed for jewelry making and other things. I added and removed so many things I can't remember where I started but am looking forward to trying some new techniques. I have had some ideas for awhile but never the tools. So I sold several things on ebay I wasn't using and bought some stuff I wanted. I love ebay!!! Sometimes I'm totally blown away by what people will and will NOT buy. It's so true that one man's trash is anothers treasure. If I had the opportunity and space I think I would try to make a living from it, but my DH thinks the house is crowded already. I go to thrift stores and get stuff I think I can make a couple bucks off of and list them. Sometimes I'm so shocked at how much they sell for sometimes 10 x the amount I paid for them. I had a ton of the frozen Charlotte dolls and now have just mostly heads. I love to display them in a candy dish but my family thinks they're odd.
I love them!

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