Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Experiences

This is a picture of a new hobby of mine, yep like I need another hobby. Cheese making! These are my photo's of making mozzarella yum. It came out wonderful and lasted 2 days. The taste is so much better than store bought especially for this Italian. We had it with bruschetta for dinner and it was wonderful. Next time I'm going to leave in a little more whey because it was really solid. The first cheese I made was an amazing lemon goat chevre. I've been eating that slowly to really enjoy it and my DH doesn't like goat cheese. In my house growing up it was a staple. My next try is ricotta with whole milk and cream, not the second whey cheese a lot of people make. The big plus is that I make all of these from organic milks which if you buy organic cheese you know it's a fortune to buy. I've been a cheese foodie for awhile and then I rented the cheese nun a documentary video from the library. I kinda like documentaries, I know but don't judge. Anyway I loved it and started researching which ones to start with. Funny thing was the whole time I was watching it,  I was sampling some sharp goat Cheddar's from Mt. Sterling. I suggest you do the same, it takes a little bit to get into it then it's great. She's a nun that decides to go to college and learn microbiology with a focus on cheese making and ends up with a doctorate and spends years abroad in France learning about cheese caves etc. Fascinating if you love cheese like I do. We went to whole foods this weekend and my DH let me purchase a couple to try and I'm going to start a cheese journal so I can remember which ones I love and which I don't because believe me there are some that I am just shocked they're produced. We enough about cheese ;}

I know it's been forever since I've posted. Sorry to say I was in the hospital and have been waiting on testing etc. Because I've had such a hard time sleeping I have also started to get up at five a.m. I never thought I would be one of those people, but the meds make it hard to sleep later. Anyway I've been using the opportunity to rise and shine and watch the sunrise. It really has been a wonderful experience. I walk down a couple blocks with my DH help and watch it rise in the prairie. We've been able to add a couple blocks over the last couple weeks and it's helped my stamina. Sometimes it wipes me out for the day though. But enough about that too!

I wanted to show off my newest treasures. I will be parting with some of them in my etsy shop but I just love them so much I'll have to keep most of them around for awhile. They're frozen Charlotte mini heads! I have never seen heads like this so small, I'm going to try and drill some for beads. My mind reels with projects I'd like to do with them. I may have to wait till I'm functioning better but inspiration has struck.

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