Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frozen Charlotte Halloween Dolls

I love frozen Charlottes and have a bunch in a apothecary jar but I wanted to do something with a couple of them besides just have them sitting around.
 I had made another dressed Charlotte before and wanted to make some for Halloween. It was like playing with paper dolls again. I would try different materials for dresses, netting, paper, plastic. I wanted them to be whimsical and fun.
 I love the hats and crowns made from scrapbook paper. The wings are made from shiny black pipe cleaners and the netting dress has rhinestones applied. The ribbon used is recycled sari silk ribbon. None off the dolls have arms but I love the look.  There are much cuter in person and so adorable all together but I have already sold the one in the second picture and have the others for sell in my etsy shop. I think I'll start a new set just for me.

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