Monday, August 13, 2012

Time Flies

I know it's been a long time since my last post. I had to focus on my health and that took a lot of reading and searching for answers. Also we had several close family members sick and that took up a whole bunch of time. So, I'm back! I went to the Cherry Creek Art Festival last month and got some awesome pics to share. I have a favorite artist that I love to see each time. Her name is Claudia Roulier if you've never seen her stuff your gonna love the next couple pics.

I love how whimsical everything is and the layers are amazing. She had a bear in a party hat the year before last riding a tricycle. I wanted that picture so much, alas was unable to afford it. But each year she has new cards made with her current work and I get them when I can and tuck them away for inspiration and awe.
I believe this was the poster for the year. This artist has some really fun stuff, sorry I can't remember who he is. The next couple pics are from unknown artists.

I love all of the mixed media art and assemblage. The third one up is all toys etc all painted black I thought it was very interesting, my husband didn't get it. He loves the photographs of landscapes and the realistic paintings. As you have probably noticed I don't have pics of those. They just don't move me. I've been making some jewelry lately and will post soon on those.

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