Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scrapbook Organizing Technique for Jewelry Projects

Have you ever heard the phrase "creative people are seldom tidy?" That phrase sums me up to a "T." Try as I might to keep my work area clean it always ends up like this.
I just get so excited about this or that and drag out a couple things to go with it. Then I see something else and do the same thing. Before I know it I have several projects going and the whole table it wiped out.
I have so much stuff I forget what I have. But I have a hard time not buying new stuff, hence the little cheetah bag in the back of the table. At least some of the beads and findings are organized and this is a recent thing. I guess my next project is to just clean the table AGAIN.
 I think I may employ a little scrap booking trick to my half done projects. I used to get the pictures together and sorted for the ones I wanted on each page. Then I would get the background and other elements I wanted to go with it. Finally I would put them in a sleeve or folder to hold till I could get to them. So off the the dollar store I go to get some nice cheap containers to hold projects in progress.
 See, I always want to shop!

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