Monday, September 3, 2012

My Son's 3 Yr Birthday Cake

My son is really into Buzz Lightyear and I wanted to try my hand at it for his birthday. All of the mixing to get the colors right was a real pain but, it came together. Unbeknownst to my guests I had forgoten to add the milk to the cake so it was a dense almost brownie like cake. Really, really good but so rich because I had also added chocolate chips. I bought the black icing which I find to be better and easier than trying to mix it myself.  I have one of the ball cake pans that you can make basketballs or soccor etc. out of. I have seen it made into a pumpkin and may do one for Halloween and I have a tree and I think a church also. I had bought a lot of these pans a couple years ago at a garage sale. I re-sold the ones I didn't think I would use and kept the others. If you use one of these pans, really oil and flour it so the cake releases easily. I also recommend having double cardboard under the cake to keep it level. My DH held the sides too far apart and craqcked the cake. Wouldn't you know we ate it anyway! LOL

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