Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Repurposed Spice rack

I have a ton of glitters and really wanted something to display them on. When I was out thrifting one day I found this old spice rack. I re-painted it with some hot pink paint then used spray glitter in silver all over it.
 I love circus themed stuff and had this cute victorian scrap bunny in a party hat that a wonderful blog hopper sent to me. I put them all together and am so happy with the results. I still need to take the time and hang it, then filler up. In reality I could use about 4 of these for all of my glitter, don't judge. So here is the result.
I need to glue the top streamers in place a little better. It has been so hot hear I've been running my swamp cooler constantly so the humidity made the streamers a little saggy. The little wheels are the caps I saved from my sons smoothie pouches we use in emergencies. Don't they really look like wheels? My dear husband just shakes his head at me because of what I save. The purple circles above are vintage snap on earrings repurposed.

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